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Lesson 5 - The Landing

Your Virtual Practice Flight


The landing gear is just like a heavy duty shock absorber. It can withstand very hard landings. (Which is rare, especially my landings!) Roll eyes

There are large safety margins built into everything. We are trained to always set up on a long stabilized approach. We do it the same way every time. Landings are easy. Sometimes we land so smoothly we have to call the tower to verify we are really on the ground! Laughing

After touchdown the pilots gently lower the nose wheel and apply reverse thrust. You will hear the engines roar as the exhaust thrust is redirected forward. Two other methods for slowing the plane are the massive wheel brakes which have "anti-skid" protection and the speed brakes which pop up from the top of the wings canceling lift and provide "aerodynamic braking".

Once the plane has slowed it is taxied clear of the runway. The engines come out of reverse, the flaps and speed brakes are retracted, and the plane is taxied to the gate.

YOU Have Done It! Congratulations!!!
Banana dancing

Upon gate arrival gather up your belongings, smile and say to yourself, "Success!" Then say, "Ba-bye" to the crew on your way out.

I hope you are excited about what you have accomplished, because I am! You knew you wanted help with a problem, and you did something about it.

Just like Mr. Lindberg, now you too own the world!

"Dear Captain Stacey, not only did I totally enjoy my flight, I was the calmest person on the plane. Excellent not only for flying, but an analytical approach to anxious situations in general. Thanks!"

What Should You Do Now?

With the completion of this course you are now well prepared for air travel. Your continuing education is important. You may not consider yourself "cured" at this point, but you are likely to feel much better about flying.

I am dedicated to helping you feel calm, confident and comfortable while flying. You may be tempted to do more research on the web, but be careful, many websites sensationalize factors related to aviation and you may find that upsetting. Please don't ruin the progress you have made here.

Even though you've finished the course, you may find it helpful to visit from time to time. In fact, many students repeat the course before each flight. My goal is to keep this site free of charge so that it will always be available to help as many people as possible.

"Every time I take a flight I set a side a little time so I can thoroughly go through your web site. It is sooo great! What a rarity in this day and age that help is actually free!"

I suggest listening to my Fear of Flying Audio Course. Listen to it on your drive to the airport and/or during your flight. And also check out my new DVD - Prepare to Fly and my book - Wings of Discovery. The online course helps you feel better now, while my other materials will provide a more lasting relief.

"I have been helped so much through your online course, your book, the message board, and now your video. I watched it once already, and plan to keep watching it until it bores me! I felt quite a lot more confident after watching it, and found it extremely informative."

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