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Thank you for joining me. I would like to introduce myself, Captain Stacey L. Chance. I am an active airline pilot and flight instructor.

What to Expect

You will learn why you get nervous and how to address your unpleasant reactions to fear and anxiety. To establish a feeling of trust you will then learn about aviation from every angle - the people, the plane, the weather, the statistics, etc. Finally, you will safely experience a "virtual practice flight". This will be the highlight of the course, pulling together everything you have learned.

Your Comfort is Important to Me

If you begin to feel anxious while taking this course you can relax by taking a short break. The most effective method to calm yourself is a simple breathing exercise which only takes a few seconds. You'll soon see that you are in control of how you feel!

Deep Breathing Exercise - Push your stomach outward. Take a slow deep breath through your nose filling your lungs from the bottom up. Pause, then slowly exhale while whispering, "Relaaaax". Do this a couple of times and you'll be ready to continue.

Congratulations, you will soon feel much better about your next flight. Completing this course will give you a new respect for the aviation industry and allow you to feel a sense of security on the airplane. I'm working hard to make this the finest program available for you, please don't hesitate to share your questions or comments.

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